• Hunter1034


    March 27, 2012 by Hunter1034

    Based on the lack of activity on the forum and on here, its safe to assume this idea is now a dead one, yes?

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  • Dandygirl1999

    Well I kinda think this is a useless blog but I like making blogs and I need to tell you guys why I haven't been on lately.

    The past few days my brother has been visiting and today was my moms 52nd birthday, we were going to get new fish since our old ones died but now we're doing that on the weekend because mom had to go to the doctor with our father anyway why I haven't been on is because I've been stressed out, some of it has to do with my nephew not being here yet and the other is the one site I go to, my friend stresses me out so bad and he makes me feel bad.

    I've also have been having a nightmare, the same nightmare everytime, so that all the reasons why I haven't been on as much.

    I also said I would'nt be back until the 14th, but that …

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  • ApolloFlare

    It occured to me just now that i do have someting special for the wiki. I CAN BE IN CHARGE OF THE ITEM FUSION SHOP!

    • Silk Scarf + Red Fruit
    • Ember Shard + Any basic Scarf

    Shappire Bow:

    • Blue Fruit + Silk Scarf

    • Crimsion Scarf+ Silk headband
    • Silk Headband + Lava Seed

    And etc.

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  • VegasFox

    Okay that's it.

    March 4, 2012 by VegasFox

    All the arguing and being pissy over things that happened elsewhere ends now.

    I've been wanting to finish up this place but I've been too stressed out to even dare come here especially when the first thing I'm going to see is arguing or a negative attitude.

    My admins, I'm not always going to be on, and I don't expect you to be either, but when I'm gone, PLEASE do SOMETHING to help me.

    If you need power on the proboards tell me, but I need you all to add pages, boards, control everyone, advertise if at all possible.

    The Secret Gardens is slowly dying and I will NOT let all this hard work to get it working go to waste.

    So all need to calm down.

    And I need help, I can't work on this entire site on my own.

    You guys are free to roleplay but because of…

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  • VegasFox

    Okay no more mention of SFW

    February 19, 2012 by VegasFox

    Yup, that's it. No more mention of it.

    This site has no realtion to SFW and no one wants drama from THERE to be brought HERE. Any grudges or anger towards users FROM SFW will not be mentioned directly on PMD Secret Gardens and must be moved to either a private chat or back over there.

    This rule is temporary, any mention of SFW will result in a warining and a Guildmaster's suspension from roleplaying here for 3 weeks.

    A second time will result in a ban.

    This rule is only temporary now because I would LOVE to affiliate with SFW at somepoint for advertisment, but nnot if this constant back and forth about what happened there continues.

    So no more of it.

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  • Dandygirl1999

    Yeah it's boring me at the moment so I'm just gonna be here and Sonic Mystery Labyrith.

    I also wrote this blog because I was bored and saw I hadn't writen a blog, I might be less bored on Sonic Fanon Wiki is I was allowed to go to chat.

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  • ApolloFlare

    Guess What Guys =D

    February 15, 2012 by ApolloFlare

    GUESSS WHAT GUYS........=D

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  • VegasFox

    Catching a Few Problems

    February 15, 2012 by VegasFox

    Everyone, I know this place has NOT been active whatsoever in a awhile and I apologize for my business, but I really am getting tired of seeing the constant back and forth.

    There is a glitch in the Message Wall where I keep reciving other users messages, but even then I can read them in the Recent Activity.

    Now, don't make me make it a rule that SFW and other wikis are NOT allowed to be mentioned, I really don't want to have to do that.

    Anyways other than that, if you guys have any questions ask them here now so that I can get it all sorted out on the forum sometime this week or weekend.

    I apologize for the lack of activity, I will make sure this site starts booming again.

    Happy Valentine's Day/ Singles Awarness Day~

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  • ApolloFlare

    sighs- I need Help Guys......

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  • Guyviroth

    Yeah just letting everyone know that I'm banned on SFW for sticking up for MetalDharak essentially, and I've been banned on SNN by Kagi because, well he can.

    Just thought i'd let you all know.

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  • Pinkolol16

    Just asking, since I'm planning out a story for Ellie, with made up sidekick Pokemon that can be used with realies. I still want to have a team with other people. but, are we allowed to have made up Pokemon as sidekicks as well as real people's Pokemon?

    Just wanna know.

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  • Hunter1034

    Shippin' out

    February 3, 2012 by Hunter1034

    Alrighty guys, I've got some huge news from the land of my life:

    I'm part of the US Navy now

    That’s right, I've officially signed my enlistment contract, thus enrolling me in the Navy's Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP) which allows new recruits who have signed up whilst still in high school to finish their education and ship off to basic training afterwards. My ship out date is currently October 22.

    Once I ship out, I cannot guarantee when I will be able to do anything on any wiki I have contributed to for a long while. Obviously I won't be able to log in during the eight weeks of basic training, but in the two-years training I will receive beyond that I am honestly clueless as to if I'll have the time to get on: I am going to be trained in t…

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  • VegasFox

    New Message System

    February 2, 2012 by VegasFox

    It is very late and I should be in bed but I am going to say that I just tried out this new message system to see how you all like it.

    It seems a bit more organized and easier to use to me, does anyone want me to change back or have any opinions?

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  • VegasFox

    School :I

    I'll get my butt into gear this weekend and get the forum finished finally.

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  • ApolloFlare

    I Got an Idea for them but Could i be in charge of them., I kinda wont to start on them with Just Vegas only because she created this wiki. And I kinda owe it to her for helping me out Firey Soul, Burning Passion. Heart of Steel 06:40, January 25, 2012 (UTC)

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  • RandomFlab 2

    Get to know us

    January 22, 2012 by RandomFlab 2

    This blog isn't more for me, than it is more for my girlfriend.

    She's new to this wiki ... and all wikis in general. She understands more of the forum format and would like help if she needs it.

    This blog is alos so you can get to know the two of us, my girlfriend being User:Mid Mids

    so come on, and get the good times rolling ^_^

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  • VegasFox

    I only got three done tonight, I'll try to do more tommorow :)

    I'm currently in an art block and need something to draw, Pokemon are really easy, so I'm willing to either sketch, outline, ot outline and color, it depends in what mood I'm in :)

    Come here: ~Currently Closed~

    Y'all can color them in right? If not maybe if I find the time I'll do it for you :3

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  • VegasFox

    The place where we will take all the roleplaying has been created, but before I start giving you all the links I've come up with a rule, but I need everyone's agreement before I pass it:

    • When you join, your character must be approved by a Guildmaster before we give you a link to the RP site.

    Now, smart people who don't feel lke following rules may attempt to Google it but they don't know the website's host so it'd be VERY hard to Google it :D

    The point of this rule is to not just let ANYONE say, "oh boy I made my character! OFF TO RP! >:D" It's so that we have control of who we decide to let in, and it gives a sense of control.

    When we give you the link you must remove it from your talkpage so that people won't go searching for it.

    I feel stric…

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  • ApolloFlare

    Ok we all know that Riolu is kool in it's own way. But I think that there are to many Riolu here. Why are there too many of that species on this wiki. Why Am I even Bothering To Ask This. WHY?! WHY!? WHY?! X3

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  • VegasFox

    Is it really THAT bad?

    January 20, 2012 by VegasFox

    Okay I've gotten a few accounts of dislike from people about this wiki, is it honestly that bad that I wanted to create an organized wiki for PMD?

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but no one has been able to tell me a reasonable reason for their dislike of this place yet.

    So far I've gotten:

    • Making the wiki was unecessary when their wiki could have done it themselves.
    • This wiki is different from others.
    • Since there is already a PokeFanon wiki that making this one was unecessary when PokeFanon could have done it.
    • There is already a PMD Fanon wiki (which is VERY inactive.)

    So, basically all I've gotten are complaints about how they could have done it themselves....? Am I honestly supposed to ask permission to create places now? In my opinion if th…

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  • Guyviroth

    Templates Request Blog

    January 19, 2012 by Guyviroth

    Basically this blog is just so the admins can request for templates if they so desire if they do not know how to make them themselves.

    Templates I've done so far are:

    • Template:Construction
    • Template:Character Infobox
    • Template:Banned
    • Template:Warning
    • Template:Delete
    • Template:Cleanup
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  • Guyviroth

    I don't understand why everyone here are making such high level pokemon as "their" pokemon. I mean the whole fun of roleplaying a character is to start of weak and then to progressively get stronger, build up your character, establish their history from cradle to grave, give a legit reason as to WHY they're strong and not because "I wanted to make him strong".

    And before anyone wants to be with my character, if you want me to be part of your guild/team, the answer is "no". If your pokemon is ridiculously high level and you want to roleplay with me, then the answer is "hell no". Just thought I'd let that out.

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  • VegasFox


    January 18, 2012 by VegasFox

    Exactly what the title says, if at all possible you guys can advertise in ANY WAY without getting into trouble, PLEASE do so :D This place is going GREAT so far, so lets get more people in :3

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  • VegasFox

    Any Lasting Ideas?

    January 18, 2012 by VegasFox

    I'm glad everything here is coming into order actually :D I hoping this place will become active real quick, I won't let all the hard work die for nothing~

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  • VegasFox

    Finally after awhile of waiting, we are now holding the First Annual Guildmaster contest! In this contest we will choose 3-4 users to become official Guildmasters.

    A guildmaster is a user that has control of their own personal group of teams. Guildmasters are also responisble for monitoring around the website, enforcing the policies and rules, and keeping everyone under control.

    Now, when you become a Guildmaster, you are not automatically jumped up to a Mod or Administrator status. But you do get the CHANCE to have that staus by becoming one.

    If you win, it will be time before I decide to give you such an important status. After you have proven yourself to be worthy and deserving of it, I will give you an admin or mod status. Depending on how…

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