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Dynamo is a member of the Dragonite species of pokemon, and the current guildmaster and founder of the guild, 'The Blazing Elementals'. He is a little bit shorter than most Dragonite, but his doesn't let that keep him down. He is a talker and likes to talk to the members of his guild, and maybe some of the newer, younger ones. He is there to help the newer members of the guild, whether it being giving advice, or help out in some other way. He is usually there to get rid of any opposition that enters the guild.

Dynamo the Dragonite





Attacks/ Moveset:

  • Roost(Flying: Lv 1)
  • Thunderwave (Electric: Lv 5)
  • Dragon Rage (Dragon: Lv 15)
  • Draco Meteor(Dragon: Tutor move)








--- ---


Thinking, his scarf, his friends, his guildmembers & helping other pokèmon.


Selfish pokèmon, haste & pokèmon who inflict pain on others for no reason.


Dynamo wears a dark blue scarf around his neck, which is of sentimental value to him. He is a shiny dragonite and he has the powers/ moves of one. The only difference between him and another shiny dragonite, (other than his attire) is that he has blue eyes instead of a brown/ grey colour.


His personality is relaxed, meaning that he don't take things in haste and takes his time to think about the situation at hand. He is also caring for his fellow guildmates, often giving guidance for those who have no idea what to do. He is amazingly wise for his age as well. He isn't a hater of any type of pokemon at all, and is in fact, inspired by most of the types that are not highly thought of such as Ghost and Bug. He is helpful and likes to help out in anyway possible, even with the most tedious and/or menial jobs.





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