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Ellie is a young little Eevee who just became an explorer.

Ellie the Eevee




  • Tail Whip
  • Tackle
  • Helping Hand


Run Away








Peace, exploring for any sort of reward, preparation, people who are sensible and organised, winning a battle


Riolu(that are mean to her), Fighting types, fainting


When Ellie was 5 yrs old, she was a happy Eevee. Until one day, when she was bullied by numerous Riolu and got beaten up pretty bad. As she grew up, she thought sbout that day and what she could do to prevent it from happening again. When she was 12 yrs old, she decided to stand up to them and any foe, and became an explorer.

Looking up to othersEdit

When she decided to stand up to foes she couldn't face, she thought about the Pokemon she'd seen on TV in exploration teams. First came Amber the Chimchar and Pip the Piplup. Then came Blua the Piplup and Shock the Pikachu. These two teams had saved the world, and she(Ellie) was very envious of them. She'd also seen others on TV that had also saved the world, Abby the Eevee and Muddy the Mudkip, her favourite, Rose the Chikorita and Toto the Totodile, Flame the Torchic and Tree the Treecko, and Heata the Vulpix and Rulu the Riolu. She was fascinated by all these teams of exploration members when she was young, and bounded to be just like them.


She looks like a normal Eevee, only she wears a blue scarf around her neck, one around one of her paws, and on her tail. The scarf around her neck has a white circle on it, symbolising her Riolu situation(As it is like the ones seen on Riolu's arms).


Ellie is very happy most of the time, and mostly isn't bothered by much rage. She can be very cautious and sensible whenever need be and is usually very organised. When she's against a foe that she knows she cannot defeat(Like Riolu, Fighting or Ghost types in general examples), she holds back. She can make friends with anyone, even Fighting types, so long as they are nice to her. She can also make friends with those she considers strong.


Team FairEdit

Sharha the Vulpix(best friend)



Sharha the Vulpix(best friend, teammate)



Riolu(bad side)


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