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Basic SheetEdit



Guild You Would Like to Join: 

(If possible) Image:

List of UsersEdit

Name: "Stroke"

Species: Growlithe

Guild Wanted: "Guilds?! You mean there's more than one?!!"

Name: Ellie and Sharha

Species: Eevee and Vulpix

Guild Wanted: The Blazing Elementals


Species: Shiny Eevee

Guild Wanted:"........................................................Uh.............I want uh....NO WAIT!......Uh...."(He'll be doing that for hours since he's pretty indecisive. He might want a guild with friendly people that will talk to him but he doesn't want a guild full of stupid people that don't pay attention on the other hand he's not good at talking to people so he might want a quiet guild)

Image:Spr 5b 133 sHai ^^


Name: Apallo

Species: Riolu

Guild Wanted: Um I kinda New to this thing to anyone will do and mabye include my good friend Heart as well She's A Pikachu. Oh and when you meet me i may look........ Different._

Name: Scorcher

Species: Charmander

Guild Wanted: The Blazing Elementals

Name: Setsuna & Kenji

Species: Riolu and Zorua

Guild Wanted:

Setsuna: Irk, I dont know, Im so nervous and timid!

Kenji:*elbows Setsuna* Come on dude, chill out!

Name: Kurata

Species: Growlithe

Guilds Wanted: Either any guild full of people that will listen to me, take my feelings into concern, and will help out in any way possible, or a band of thieves.

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