Team Aura
Team Aura


Zoteken The Chikorita(Leader)

Arie The Riolu( Co-Leader)

Chris The Minun(Navigator)

Saren The Mawile(Item Wielder)

Eastern Team (All Male)

Koby The Emolga

Zeke The Zorua

Mark The Mincinno


Zoteken (Male)



Saren (Female)

Team AuraEdit

Zoteken is the Modest Leader Of Team Aura And Best Friend of Arie though he Called Him A Wimp at first But Over time time they became the best of friends.Chris and Zoteken kinda have a rivalry and Chris Normally Zaps him With Spark But still are very good friends. Mawile Is Terribly In love with Zoteken ever since he saved her from Gastly control .

Zoteken's Moves

Razor Leaf

PP 12


PP 12

Giga Drain

PP 10

Body Slam

PP 17

Arie's Moves


PP 19

Force Palm

PP 12


PP 12


PP 12

Chris' Moves

Secret Power

No information

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