Well I kinda think this is a useless blog but I like making blogs and I need to tell you guys why I haven't been on lately.

The past few days my brother has been visiting and today was my moms 52nd birthday, we were going to get new fish since our old ones died but now we're doing that on the weekend because mom had to go to the doctor with our father anyway why I haven't been on is because I've been stressed out, some of it has to do with my nephew not being here yet and the other is the one site I go to, my friend stresses me out so bad and he makes me feel bad.

I've also have been having a nightmare, the same nightmare everytime, so that all the reasons why I haven't been on as much.

I also said I would'nt be back until the 14th, but that doesn't matter.

Like all my blogs I made it because I was bored and nothing else to do.

I've post this on alot of diffent places, I'm meanng like diffent wiki's and sites so I thought I should tell why I was as active here to.

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