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  • Guyviroth

    Yeah just letting everyone know that I'm banned on SFW for sticking up for MetalDharak essentially, and I've been banned on SNN by Kagi because, well he can.

    Just thought i'd let you all know.

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  • Guyviroth

    Templates Request Blog

    January 19, 2012 by Guyviroth

    Basically this blog is just so the admins can request for templates if they so desire if they do not know how to make them themselves.

    Templates I've done so far are:

    • Template:Construction
    • Template:Character Infobox
    • Template:Banned
    • Template:Warning
    • Template:Delete
    • Template:Cleanup
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  • Guyviroth

    I don't understand why everyone here are making such high level pokemon as "their" pokemon. I mean the whole fun of roleplaying a character is to start of weak and then to progressively get stronger, build up your character, establish their history from cradle to grave, give a legit reason as to WHY they're strong and not because "I wanted to make him strong".

    And before anyone wants to be with my character, if you want me to be part of your guild/team, the answer is "no". If your pokemon is ridiculously high level and you want to roleplay with me, then the answer is "hell no". Just thought I'd let that out.

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