Alrighty guys, I've got some huge news from the land of my life:

I'm part of the US Navy now

That’s right, I've officially signed my enlistment contract, thus enrolling me in the Navy's Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP) which allows new recruits who have signed up whilst still in high school to finish their education and ship off to basic training afterwards. My ship out date is currently October 22.

Once I ship out, I cannot guarantee when I will be able to do anything on any wiki I have contributed to for a long while. Obviously I won't be able to log in during the eight weeks of basic training, but in the two-years training I will receive beyond that I am honestly clueless as to if I'll have the time to get on: I am going to be trained in the Nuclear Field after all.

So, this blog is a roughly eight month warning as to my imamate inactivity I face in the future. If you've got any questions, ask them here.

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