Okay I've gotten a few accounts of dislike from people about this wiki, is it honestly that bad that I wanted to create an organized wiki for PMD?

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but no one has been able to tell me a reasonable reason for their dislike of this place yet.

So far I've gotten:

  • Making the wiki was unecessary when their wiki could have done it themselves.
  • This wiki is different from others.
  • Since there is already a PokeFanon wiki that making this one was unecessary when PokeFanon could have done it.
  • There is already a PMD Fanon wiki (which is VERY inactive.)

So, basically all I've gotten are complaints about how they could have done it themselves....? Am I honestly supposed to ask permission to create places now? In my opinion if they could have done it themselves then they should have done it before I decided to start looking around making sure that their wasn't anymore PMD RP's.

I made the wiki for organized and active entertainment, am I doing something wrong, or is something needing to be fixed?

I refuse to delete or abandon the wiki now, especially when I've gone to all this work. So any improvement tips, or anything I am doing wrong need to be told to me now if possible.

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